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Recreational Courses

For 4-8 people, learn about the history of pizza making and make your own pizza with our house instructor! Get your hands in some of the best flour in the industry and learn the proper techniques for making pizza dough. Bake and top your pizzas and of course, eat them too! A great course for team building or a fun night out!

What Our Course Offers

The Roman Pizza Academy Mission

Roman Pizza Academy is a platform for professionals to present their talents worldwide while giving them the opportunity to travel, participate in events, and learn from other industry leaders.

Since the beginning, the Roman Pizza Academy has grown from a domestic training platform into an international community comprised of elite pizza professionals. Through international competitions, demonstrations, and professional training our members are committed to being premier ambassadors of pizza making as an art, craft, and business. As we move into the future, we will continue to build on our foundation while making equality amongst our members paramount, regardless of skill level or tenure. 

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