Preparation of the dough:

Flour must have a W greater than 300, and minimum hydration between 80% and 100%. The mixing temperature of the dough must not rise above 25 C*, and during leavening the dough should rest in a refrigerator at 4 C*. The maturation/fermentation of the dough should last a minimum of 48-72 hours with one dough regeneration during this time.


Preparation of the pizza:

Although topping options are practically limitless, they should be abundantly laid out on the pizza evenly and methodically. When finished the toppings should not look scattered so that each cut of pizza will contain equal amount of topping.



Pizza al Taglio must be cut in square or rectangular shapes when served. When looking at a cross section of a slice, large and deep air pockets must be present throughout the slice. If not, you are not serving Pizza al Taglio.