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Ralph Carlone

I’ve been making pizza for about 20 years. In the last 10 years, I really started to follow my passion for this amazing art and started to attend professional courses in Italy to have more knowledge of what I was doing. From there I started to work with sourdough and now I do research and development for some companies.

I love to transmit what I learn every day without holding back on any secrets. 5 years ago I opened my own academy called PizzaPerPassione Academy where I have many students. I also have many customers all over the world and continue to do startups and new openings from all equipment to all main ingredients.

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More About Ralph

Styles: Works with many different styles from Classic Roman, Pizza al Taglio, Pinsa, Neapolitan,

bread making, pasta and more. 

Qualifications: Pizza maker for 20 years, creator of PizzaPerPassione Academy for students wanting to learn the art of pizza making. 

Awards: Italian Pizza Making Awards (multiple years), UK Pizza Making Awards (multiple years)

Upcoming Classes

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