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“Pizza al Taglio” (Roman Style Pizza) is set to revolutionize the U.S. pizza industry.

“Pizza” everyone knows it, everyone loves it! It’s hard to disagree that pizza is one of our favorite foods. New York Style, Chicago Style, Detroit Style, Sicilian Style, Neapolitan Style, it does not matter we like them all. However, there is one particular style many have never heard of and it's set to be the next big trend in the U.S. pizza industry. The style we speak of it is Roman Style or more commonly known as Pizza al Taglio in Italy (pizza by the cut translated literally). One may ask…Why is this? How do we know Pizza al Taglio is set to be next in line? Well….. it's quite simple, the “gourmet”/”artisan” trend we are seeing these days is here to stay.

Our food culture in the US is growing, the customers are loving the better quality ingredients, the romantic story and quite frankly the pizzeria’s are quite happy with the profitability of better quality pizza. Pizza al Taglio fits these molds but it also has some additional perks going for it. It's considerably healthier than most pizza, it's much more appealing to the eye than all other pizza, and it follows the fast-casual model of “you pick” what you want we are seeing more often these days. Another great aspect of Pizza al Taglio much different than that of the popular Neapolitan Pizza is the fact that everything is done in advance before the customer walks in the door. In today’s world, these are all recipes for success.

Those in the know have seen the Pizza al Taglio movement coming for just about 1-2 years now. When you see big names like Starbucks (operating under the Princi brand), Gabriele Bonci, and a few names we will keep confidential for the time being get involved in the USA market you start to believe a little more. More proof is our course attendance is skyrocketing as of late and we are seeing more and more pizza professionals sign up for training. Many of whom want to be the first in their city and many of whom want to remain anonymous as they prefer to fly in under the radar.

Roman Pizza Academy is proud to be a pioneer in the Pizza al Taglio movement. If you are looking for training, ovens, equipment, ingredients, and/or consultation please reach out to us. We look forward to teaching all the wonderful aspects of Pizza al Taglio.

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