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The 2 day Intermediate training program is our recommended course for future pizza makers looking to make pizzas for professional purposes and use those skills in an existing concept. We offer training on several different versions of Roman Pizza including “Pizza al Taglio”, “Pizza alla Pala”, “Pinsa”, etc…. Please click ENROLL NOW to find which style is available on a specific dates.

*All courses are scheduled based upon availability of the instructor and the student. Please call for availability.


Courses vary slightly depending on the Roman Style you choose from our availability calendar.

– Learn how to make Dough for Roman Pizza
– Learn how to use the Mixer
– Learn about the importance of the Flour
– Learn about Fermentation and Maturation
– Learn how to bake the pizza in the Oven
– Learn about using the proper Ingredients and how to use them


– 2  T–shirt’s.
– 2  Aprons.
– 1  Pizzaiolo hat.
– Dough Recipe
– Full list of recommended ingredients, equipment, and tools needed to make Roman Style Pizza.
– Telephone number of your instructor for follow up questions for up to 14 days after course completion after that all inquiries can be sent to our general email.

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