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The 4 day Full Immersion course is recommended to those who want to open a Roman Style pizzeria, and need to be able to teach the learned skills to the working staff. This course will also provide you with all the skills needed, a rough business plan, and all the information necessary to layout your pizzeria properly. We offer training on several different versions of Roman Pizza including “Pizza al Taglio”, “Pizza alla Pala”, “Pinsa”, etc…. Please click ENROLL NOW to find which style is available on a specific dates.

*All courses are scheduled based upon availability of the instructor and the student. Please call for availability.


Courses vary slightly depending on the Roman Style you choose from our availability calendar.

– Learn how to make Roman Style Pizza Dough
– Learn how to use the Mixer
– Learn about Fermentation and Maturation
– Learn the proper sequence of water, salt, olive oil, and yeast, and formula, and to determine the dough temperature/weight ratio in relation to your specific geographic location
– Learn how to use the Oven
– Learn how to make: focaccia pizza, crostino pizza, pizza with vegetables, and with tomato sauce, 20 special pizza recipes
– Internship in a fully operational Pizza al Taglio Pizzeria (for length of training).
– Learn how to layout your restaurant
– Keys to Success


– 3   T–shirts.
– 2   Aprons.
– 1   Pizzaiolo hat.
– Full list of recommended ingredients, equipment, and tools needed to make “Roman Style Pizza”
– Manual on how to open a Roman pizzeria by Massimiliano Saieva
– Telephone number for your instructor for follow up questions up to 60 days after course completion

Course also includes two FREE 15 minute remote consulting sessions after your course (valued up to $500).

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