The “Not Your Average Pizza Making Class” Class


The “Not Your Average Pizza Making Class” Class

Interested in learning how to make the newest pizza craze? Calling all pizza enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals! We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you! At Roman Pizza Academy we pride ourselves on our knowledge of Roman style pizza, Pizza al Taglio, and we want to share it with you.

What is pizza al taglio? “Al taglio” translates to “by the cut,” which is where we get the phrase “pizza by the slice.” This style pizza is baked on rectangular trays and sold in slices of the same shape. Hailing from Rome, pizza al taglio is common throughout all of Italy and different variations can even be found around the world.  

In order to allow for hands on help and maximum attention from instructors, we keep our classes small and offer private options as well. We want our students to take away the most from this experience and we feel that this offers the best environment for that.

Massimiliano Saieva, our lead instructor, was born in Italy and it was there that he developed his passion for cooking, learning from his mother and grandmother. He went on to study under Angelo Iezzi, one of the best pizza makers and president of the National University of Pizza. Fast forward to 2004 when Massimiliano moved to Venezuela with his wife to open their first restaurant. After seven years, they packed up and relocated to Miami to embark on their new adventure, Pizzarium – A Slice of Rome, where everyday is spent creating and experimenting with new formulas for dough, bringing innovation to the world of pizza! Just like Massimiliano, all of our instructors are certified to teach by the top schools in Rome and our equipment and tools are brought in directly from Italy, already approved and certified as well.

Be one of the firsts to offer this new pizza trend at your restaurant! Roman Pizza Academy welcomes restaurant owners and employees to attend our classes. Gain the knowledge needed to open a Roman style pizzeria or if you already have a restaurant, learn the techniques for making pizza al taglio so you can add it to your existing menu. We encourage you to jump on this opportunity!
What are you waiting for? Come get saucy with us! Explore our courses here.

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