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Pizza: The Rise of the Roman Style Pizzeria

Pizza is a $30 billion per year industry. Such is America’s love for pizza, there are now over 61,269 pizzerias in the United States and as a nation, we dedicated the whole month of October to be recognized as National Pizza Month.

If you live in America, it’s statistically likely you’ll eat around 6000 slices of pizza over the course of your life. Mamma Mia, that’s a lot of pizza!

Did you know that Italian continuously ranks as the most popular food choice of all time in America? (Courtesy of the National Restaurant Association).

According to NAPO, 350 slices of pizza are sold every second. That dishes out huge potential to take a generous slice of the (pizza) pie if you’re planning on opening your own pizza restaurant.

To meet the continuous demand for high culinary standards from the modern foodie consumer, Roman-style pizza is the hottest trend in the food business, with no signs of slowing down any time this century.

Where did it all start?

Way back in 1835, Alexandre Dumas, the author of The Three Musketeers, traveled to Naples, where he observed that the Italian locals ate nothing but pizza, and found himself intrigued by the delicious aromatic aromas that were filling the air all around him.

In the early 20th Century, pizza was predominantly consumed and sold by working-class Italian immigrants, but after World War II, American soldiers returned to America from Italy with an appetite for pizza. And thus, the rise of America’s phenomenal commercial demand for pizza was born.

The Roman Pizza Academy was established for one sole reason. To share our passion for Roman-Style Pizza (Pizza al Taglio) with all food enthusiasts from restaurant owners dreaming of opening their own Italian pizzeria to cooking hobbyists inspired to master the sacred art of Roman-style Italian pizza perfection.

We teach the most authentic Italian culinarian experience via our cooking lessons in Miami with our Rome-trained chefs and Italian imported cooking equipment and tools.

Who are Roman pizza cooking classes for?

We offer expert one-to-one training for everyone from the casual pizza lover and food professional eager to add pizza skills to their qualifications to the aspiring chef and Roman style pizzeria owner.  Discover more about our classes here.

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The “Not Your Average Pizza Making Class” Class

Interested in learning how to make the newest pizza craze? Calling all pizza enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals! We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you! At Roman Pizza Academy we pride ourselves on our knowledge of Roman style pizza, Pizza al Taglio, and we want to share it with you.

What is pizza al taglio? “Al taglio” translates to “by the cut,” which is where we get the phrase “pizza by the slice.” This style pizza is baked on rectangular trays and sold in slices of the same shape. Hailing from Rome, pizza al taglio is common throughout all of Italy and different variations can even be found around the world.  

In order to allow for hands on help and maximum attention from instructors, we keep our classes small and offer private options as well. We want our students to take away the most from this experience and we feel that this offers the best environment for that.

Massimiliano Saieva, our lead instructor, was born in Italy and it was there that he developed his passion for cooking, learning from his mother and grandmother. He went on to study under Angelo Iezzi, one of the best pizza makers and president of the National University of Pizza. Fast forward to 2004 when Massimiliano moved to Venezuela with his wife to open their first restaurant. After seven years, they packed up and relocated to Miami to embark on their new adventure, Pizzarium – A Slice of Rome, where everyday is spent creating and experimenting with new formulas for dough, bringing innovation to the world of pizza! Just like Massimiliano, all of our instructors are certified to teach by the top schools in Rome and our equipment and tools are brought in directly from Italy, already approved and certified as well.

Be one of the firsts to offer this new pizza trend at your restaurant! Roman Pizza Academy welcomes restaurant owners and employees to attend our classes. Gain the knowledge needed to open a Roman style pizzeria or if you already have a restaurant, learn the techniques for making pizza al taglio so you can add it to your existing menu. We encourage you to jump on this opportunity!
What are you waiting for? Come get saucy with us! Explore our courses here.

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"Pizza al Taglio" (Roman Style Pizza) is set to revolutionize the U.S. pizza industry.

“Pizza” everyone knows it, everyone loves it! It’s hard to disagree that pizza is one of our favorite foods. New York Style, Chicago Style, Detroit Style, Sicilian Style, Neapolitan Style, it does not matter we like them all. However there is one particular style many have never heard of and its set to be the next big trend in the U.S. pizza industry. The style we speak of it is Roman Style or more commonly known as Pizza al Taglio in Italy (pizza by the cut translated literally). One may ask…Why is this?  How do we know Pizza al Taglio is set to be next in line? Well….. its quite simple, the “gourmet”/”artisan” trend we are seeing these days is here to stay. Our food culture in the US is growing, the customers are loving the better quality ingredients, the romantic story and quite frankly the pizzeria’s are quite happy with the profitability of better quality pizza.  Pizza al Taglio fits these molds but it also has some additional perks going for it . Its considerably healthier than most pizza, its much more appealing to the eye than all other pizza, and it follows the fast casual model of “you pick” what you want we are seeing more often these days. Another great aspect of Pizza al Taglio much different than that of the popular Neapolitan Pizza is the fact that everything is done in advance before the customer walks in the door. In today’s world these are all recipes for success.

Those in the know have seen the Pizza al Taglio movement coming for just about 1-2 years now.  When you see big names like Starbucks (operating under the Princi brand), Gabriele Bonci, and a few names we will keep confidential for the time being get involved in the USA market you start to believe a little more.  More proof is our course attendance is skyrocketing as of late and we are seeing more and more pizza professionals sign up for training. Many of whom want to be the first in their city and many of whom want to remain anonymous as they prefer to fly in under the radar.

Roman Pizza Academy is proud to be a pioneer in the Pizza al Taglio movement. If you are looking for training, ovens, equipment, ingredients and/or consultation please reach out to us. We look forward to teaching to all the wonderful aspects of Pizza al Taglio

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